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Jail for people without health insurance?

Globe: Romney eyes penalties for those lacking insurance (More from the horse's mouth here).

David: How will it be enforced?

... Will police officers hand out tickets to people who cannot produce a valid health insurance card when stopped at random on the streets? What will be the penalty for disobeying this new law - jail time? a fine? harassing phone calls from some state insurance administrator? If someone who is in violation of this law has an accident and requires emergency medical care, what will happen? ...

Ben: I think Mitt Romney may have actually lost his mind.

Charley: Mitt did something -- not enough, but something -- right today.

Sco: I'm glad that the Governor wants everyone in Massachusetts to have health coverage:

... I'm just skeptical of a plan that could end up punishing people because they couldn't afford health care and if underfunded could be even worse than doing nothing.



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