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An apartment scam on Craigslist? Get out!

No, really. Jason Feifer details the scam, along with a couple of tips: Never send anybody money in advance just to see a place, and never trust somebody named Louis Pontecorvo.

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I'm always paranoid when I rent an apartment or find roommates that its all some elaborate scam designed to steal my money and leave me homeless, so this is the last thing I needed to hear. At least is an advance fee scam. I know full well I'd respond to that by laughing in the person's face. Even over email. I'd probably make a video of me laughing and send it to them.

Or maybe I'd make that video but then tell them they need to put up some funds so I can send them my response.

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You'd be happy to pay, but they have to help you get your funds out of Nigeria first.

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