This blog post for sale

I was going to write some ranty, holier-than-thou screed about how Jeff Cutler annoys me. But instead, I suggest you read this Globe story about bloggers writing posts for the highest bidder (which in his case is $5), then check out his blog and come to your own conclusions.

Jay has a suggestion for bloggers:

Don't go down the product-mention road. If you do, be upfront. And, for heaven's sake, try to get more than 5 measly bucks for risking your credibility.

John: Five bucks? Come on.

OK, my full disclosure: Yes, I do make money from online things. Those banner ads bring in some money. I write a blog column for the Globe (and try to remember to link to a page that explains that whenever I post about the Herald). I made a killing last fall via commissions on Amazon sales of Red Sox stuff - listed in the Boston Online store. I get a cut of every hotel reservation made through Boston Online. But I don't take money to write blog postings about particular companies or issues. Every opinion with my name on it is, however mangled and poorly thought out, my own.