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Jay Cutler wasn't the only local blogger quoted in that Globe article about compensated bloggers. Sooz was as well. She says the Globe got several facts wrong, including the amount she got paid to link to some company and the fact that she had an icon on her site during the campaign saying "I get paid to talk about Marqui:"

... The reason it's not on my site anymore is because the program is over. At no point during our brief conversation did the reporter ask me if I disclosed my arrangement. She did ask if I ever wrote negative things about Marqui and I said I didn’t think so but searching for "Marqui" on my site would be an easy way to find out. As it turns out, I was critical at least once. ...

Ed. note: Double disclaimer for me here: I write a weekly (more or less) blog column for the Globe's City Weekly section (but have absolutely nothing to do with any blog coverage elsewhere in the paper). I've also done a small amount of work with Sooz, for example, setting up and hosting this page for a group she's active in. We might do more stuff in the future. No money's involved, though.


Thanks, Adam!

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Thanks for linking to my entry correcting the errors in that Globe story, Adam. I really appreciate it. Considering how hyper/type-a I am about authenticity and honesty, it was quite a surprise to see the misinformation. But you'd think she could at least get the math right. LOL

And I'm worthy of a disclaimer. Neat! ;)

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