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Hey, Verizon: Send help immediately, she can't hold that thing up much longer!

Yahhh! Get this pole offa me!

The kidlet struggles to keep holding up the telephone pole at Beech and June streets in Roslindale that the repair crew swore they'd be right back to remove.

Thanks to the cheap bastards who run our local phone and power monopolies, Roslindale and other neighborhoods are being overrun by "double poles." Rather than replace old utility poles, which would take actual work, Verizon and NStar just bolt or wire new poles to the old ones - sometimes in bizarre configurations in which parts of the old ones are cut away, leaving these weird stumpy things.

In 2004, Verizon actually agreed to a plan to ensure that by mid-2007, there would be no double poles older than 90 days anywhere in the entire state.

They lied.

At first, it was easy to hold up the old pole:

Easy peasy


Optimistic homeowner thinks Verizon will transfer wires to new pole.
The triple poles of Dedham.

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They don't care - they don't have to!

I wonder if they are hoping that drug company scientists will soon market a pharmaceutical cure that will make the extra support unnecessary - Polagra!

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It seems that Verizon adds an extra pole, then cuts off the bottom of the old pole. When they helpfully added our extra pole, they broke our sewer line! Upon pointing it out to the Verizon repair crew who followed the excavators, one of the Verizon crewmen looked at where the pole was put, looked at the manhole in the street and brilliantly stated "Yeah, they shouldn't have done that." At least they paid for it though.

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Not a new phenomenon.
When I lived in Roslindale we had double poles on our street.

We moved out of Roslindale in 1966.

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Will we get to see kidlet show her stuff at the next Highland Games?

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Good one !

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