A New York paper is miffed that our governor hasn't been brought down by a sex scandal

So instead it devotes front-page space to detail how Deval Patrick isn't a Third-World tyrant bending the state legislature to his will, while failing, as the Outraged Liberal notes, to pick up on the possible ethical questions being raised about Sal DiMasi.

Still, as Dan Kennedy writes:

If you're the governor of Massachusetts, this is not how you want to be featured on the front page of the New York Times. ...

Charley on the MTA notes the Gray Story didn't tell us anything new and got some stuff wrong, but wonders why Patrick is so completely invisible away from the State House (and no, Mr. Governor, DevalPatrick.com doesn't count):

... He doesn't get out to town hall meetings; he doesn't hold events with the general public to take the temperature of the body politic; in other words, he has indeed lost his political touch. ...

Jay Fitzgerald continues to make the case that DiMasi's casino victory was of the Pyrrhic variety.

Meanwhile, over at the local broadsheet, Joan Vennochi proves her mastery of Lexis/Nexis: She devotes an entire column to pasting in examples of politicians caught in lies over the past decade, then concludes with two sentences that set a new bar for stating the obvious - that presidential candidates get in trouble when they get caught lying. O RLY?

Harry at Squaring the Boston Globe also wonders whether Clinton was caught in another lie - by a college student.


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