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When trolleys collide

Jemima was in the front of the trolley train rear-ended by another trolley between Copley and Arlington this morning (in an accident that Channel 5 helpfully tells us was Not Related In London Attacks). She reports:

... It felt like we ran over something. Our hardy train continued on to Arlington where we stood for a while. Then the police and the firemen started coming down into the station, and the conductor tossed us all out with a vague promise of buses upstairs. (I didn't start riding the T yesterday, lady!)

More firemen were swarming upstairs and on the street, and they treated one conductor, who seemed shaken but unhurt. I hung around for a bit eavesdropping on the firemen to figure out what happened, even though I was worried about being so close to the T entrance and whatever smelled like it was burning down there. Once I heard it was a collision (and not a squishing or a bomb or smallpox) and the TV cameras showed up, I started walking to Park Street. ...

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A coworker who was on the second train reports that when he was being evacuated out of the tunnel and to an emergency staircase, he spied emergency workers standing around what appeared to be a body on the tracks. When he tried to linger and peer, a policeman told him to keep moving.

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