More fun with CharlieCards: Some people can't add value to theirs this month

Dee Cee reports she and other people who use WageWorks cards (sort of debit cards handed out by their employees) to add value to their CharlieCards haven't been able to do so this month:

... I have been calling every other day to WageWorks and MBTA. WageWorks is apologetic, and tell me there was a system issue with the T kiosks. Hundreds of people have been calling, asking for their money back. The MBTA is denying any fault, saying this is WageWorks' problem. One "customer service" (I use that term loosely, due to the rudeness I got) rep told me it was my own fault for a)using a WageWorks card, and b)waiting for the 1st of the month to update my Charlie Card. ...



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Maybe I was lucky?

I use WageWorks, and my 'debit' card worked just fine for April.

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How is it the MBTA's fault

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How is it the MBTA's fault that a product developed, created, sold and issued by a separate, independent entity is malfunctioning? The real issue is that your company uses this outdated third party instead of getting your pass loaded automatically through the MBTA directly.

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