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Food fights across Boston

Boston Police report they had grounds to arrest a Dorchester couple following an alleged coffee-rage incident at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru at 845 Morrissey Blvd. last night:

Officers spoke to the victim who explained that as she neared the drive-thru window the suspect was backing, and feeling that the suspect did not see her, sounded her horn at the suspect. The victim stated that the suspect started and continued to yell at her as she neared the window. The victim purchased her items from the window as she exited the drive through was blocked off by the suspects. The female suspect then pulled her from her car and threw her to the ground and assaulted her.

Officers then interviewed witnesses who confirmed the victim's story and reported that the female suspect attacked the victim by slamming her head on the ground, punching her about the face and the back.

Meanwhile, over in Roxbury, police report a case of role reversal: A food delivery guy for AK's on Tremont allegedly held somebody up last night.

Boston and MBTA police caught up with him back at the restaurant, where he told them it wasn't a real gun he showed and he was only trying to get back some money the guy owed him. Police thanked him for the tip, then in short order delivered him to a nearby police station for booking.

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