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Bob Ryan gets annoying

I know, I know, that's territory best left for the CHB, but Pax Arcana gets annoyed at the way Ryan keeps ripping into Bill Simmons on his blog without actually mentioning his name, let alone linking to whatever it is Simmons wrote online that got Ryan all riled up.

... It seems that Ryan is falling into the trap of playing by print rules on Web turf. I don't advocate using the Web as a platform for slander or ad hominem attacks on other writers - I'm arguing that where print venues once conferred upon columnists the ability to call down the thunder from on high with thinly veiled insults, the Internet requires greater frankness. If you hadn't read Simmons' column already, you may have no idea who Ryan is talking about. Even if you could guess who he was referencing, you'd still have to click multiple times to find it - only to be disappointed that you waded all the way over there for what amounts to a minor schoolyard dust-up. ...

Here is what got Ryan's knickers in a bunch.

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