Fourth suspect arrested in brutal Allston kidnapping

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Domonic Campbell, 20, of Cambridge, was arrested today on a variety of charges, including arson and assault with intent to murder in a failed kidnapping on Sunday.

Police charge that Campbell and three women kidnapped a Brighton man, beat him until he bled from his eyes, tried to extort $5,000 in ransom from his brother by threatening to shoot him in the head and then tried to burn down the 118 Glenville Ave. apartment in which they were holding him.

According to the Suffolk County DA's office:

Boston Police detectives began efforts to track the victim's cell phone, which had been used to make the ransom demand. At the same time, they also followed members of the victim's family, who had raised $4,280 in ransom money were instructed to make their way to the Dudley MBTA station. They were told to put the money in a white envelope and call the victim's cell phone for further instructions.

The victim's brother followed those instructions and was told to walk up Vine Street while remaining on the phone. As he did so, a gray 2003 Mercedes Benz registered to [one of the women] rolled up next to him, took the envelope, and left the area.

Prosecutors say more people could be arrested - the victim told investigators he was beaten by two men.

Campbell pleaded innocent at arraignment today in Brighton District Court, was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail. The other three pleaded innocent on June 3, held in lieu of between $25,000 and $50,000 bail.