Think of the tourists

Tom Fulry wishes the Sox would forget about gentrifying Boylston Street for a moment and turn their attention to that steaming whale excavation site in the ground that is Kenmore Square:

... At least slap a coat of paint on the old bitch Kenmore Sq and dress her up in her fancy hooker skirt so that the first sight these morons coming to Fenway see isn't akin to Snow White giving herself a brazilian before the Icescapades at Disney.


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or better yet...

By ryan on

The red sox GM and his deep pocketed friends should think about constructing an express tunnel below the current green line to rocket their fans back and forth to north station so I don't have to deal with not being able to get to Allston from Hines for 2 hrs because all the trains are no service (express to Kenmore.) Jesus

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