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Dorchester radio station has its own Anonymous

UPDATE: Whoever posted the video has taken it down. It was basically a rant about how awful Touch FM is supposed to be.

Just like the Scientologists: Urban Radio vs. Touch FM.

Avast! Feds fine Dorchester radio pirate.
The anti-violence march and the pirate radio station

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After three minutes I could not figure out what this video was trying to say.

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I gotta say I'm impressed with TouchFM. Like it or not he's a lot more real and local than crap like Jamn94. I wish there were more people making pirate radio stations around here. I listened to that tape and its not half as offensive as the fascist rants Jay Severin legally spews on WTTK.

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Is this video pro-commercial radio? Is it crusading on behalf of Jam'n 94.5? If someone watched the whole thing they should get 10 dollars.

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