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Liquarry Jefferson's father charged in connection with JP, Hyde Park holdups

The father of Liquarry Jefferson, the little boy accidentally shot to death last year, was one of two men arrested yesterday for a pair of brazen convenience-store holdups last month, Boston Police report.

Liquarry's father, 28, and also named Liquarry, and Nazareth Perkins, 37, were both captured on in-store video, according to Boston Police, who say they are looking for at least two more men. In both incidents, the robbers used silver-colored guns to order employees to the floor and make off with money and lottery tickets. Jefferson was charged with drug possession while Perkins was charged with armed robbery (masked) and assault by means of a dangerous weapon (hand gun).

The elder Jefferson has a lengthy record of violence. Last year, the Globe reported his record includes beating his son's mother (with a barbell and belt) when she was two months pregnant with him (at the time, she was herself facing charges of stabbing Jefferson in the stomach). He's been convicted of manslaughter for helping another man stab a guy to death in 1997 and of a string of armed robberies.

Little Liquarry Jefferson's mother and stepbrother face charges of involuntary manslaughter and lying to investigators in connection with his death. Prosecutors say the stepbrother left a loaded gun lying around.

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...13 more offenses to go and Massachusetts' tough 30-strikes law will come into play. He could be looking at six whole weeks in prison!!!

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