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GateHouse newspapers vs. YouTube

GateHouse had been using YouTube to post news videos, but now the video service that lets teenagers post videos of themselves stomping on other teenagers has decided to pull Wicked Local's video of the Beverly Gloucester-sucks floats, not because of the eight-foot long spurting penis, but because one person in the video complained to YouTube. Of course, you realize, this means war:

If YouTube is unwilling be a true media partner, then, at least for GateHouse, we will need to seek alternative means of distribution of our videos.

Of course, that assumes there will still be a GateHouse to fight YouTube.



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Dan Kennedy misses the point entirely:

I haven't changed my mind about the video — I still would have edited it to remove the eight-foot-long penis and some of the more offensive signs. But that has to be the news organization's call, not that of the service hosting the video.

The video was offensive because the event was offensive. That's the only reason it was news in the first place. It's a good thing Dan Kennedy isn't in charge of editorial policy at either Gatehouse or YouTube. Bowdlerizing the news is distortion.

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