Flash flood in Dorchester

Adam Pieniazek posts photos and videos of a flash flood on his street caused by yesterday's rain.



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Warm Bath Water Puddles

I biked through Cambridge in that rainstorm and went through a number of large puddles. The downpour was over by the time I reached Elm and Somerville Ave. in Somerville, but there was a huge puddle in the roadway on the scale of the one in the linked photos.

Several cars were waiting, balking at moving into it because it wasn't clear how deep it was. They waved me by and watched as I made my way through it, water up to the crankshaft. The water was warm like bathwater and it was fun to leave a small wake as I pedaled through it, dipping my feet at each turn.

The cars followed after me, the drivers now knowing that the depth of the puddle would not overwhelm their engines.

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