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So this guy goes to college in Boston

And based on his four years here, concludes he knows Boston well enough to condemn it for all time - and then bolsters his all-knowing conclusion with a book about stuff that happened when the Red Sox were owned by people who haven't had anything to do with the team for years, because they're dead.

Via Jeff Egnaczyk.

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Seriously you really need to have been living in a place for longer than four years and more recent than 20 years ago to condemn the city. If were going to get punished for something some people felt 30 years ago dont we get credit for being at the forefront of the abolistionist movement?

Also while there was explicit racism by individuals during the busing years I still feel that the majority of the people opposed to busing were doing it more for wanting to maintian their own community rather than rejecting someone elses. Its unfair to say everyone who had a problem with busing their kid across the city everyday was racist. Coming from someone who lived in one area and commuted 10 miles every day to school and back I can tell you its hard to make and maintain freindships and community in that situation.

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The Red Sox were one of the last integrated teams in Baseball and the Celtics were one of the first integrated teams in Basketball, so what's this guys point? I think it just goes to show that he hasn't really done any research and is just falling back on the "conventional wisdom."

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