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They could call it Greek to You

David Ertischek reports a Greek restaurant is going into the old Friendly's on Centre Street in West Roxbury, which, when you think about it, is kind of odd, given that the Greekiest neighborhood in Boston, Roslindale, doesn't have a single Greek restaurant.

Then again, it will help cement Centre Street's dominance of the ethnic-eatery market along the parkways. It wasn't all that long ago that your choices along Centre were basically Irish-American, pizza and Samia's (and, of course, Friendly's). Now all they need is a Jewish deli, a taqueria and an Ethiopian place, and I'm all set.

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I've been dying for a good Greek place. Having lived in an area with literally dozens nearby, it was hard to move to Boston where a good gyro (that's "year-row" btw) is nearly impossible to find.

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Try Demo's in Watertown. I don't now about gyros, but their shish (lamb is my fave, but also beef or chicken) is magnificent. Located on Mt. Auburn street (Rte. 16) right near Watertown Square.


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Tender baked lamb in tomato sauce over rice......I am drooling already....

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