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Never let 'em see you sweat

Boston Police report nabbing an East Boston couple for participating in the craze that's sweeping the nation: Stealing copper wire.

Police say that shortly after midnight, officers drove up to a construction yard at Geneva Avenue and Maverick Street where copper wire had been stolen in the past:

On arrival, officers observed a female squatting down by a nearby telephone pole who immediately got up, and started walking towards a car all the while holding her cell phone as if talking to someone. Officers, having observed a thick roll of copper wiring next to where the suspect was first observed, stopped her to further investigate. Upon stopping the suspect, officers observed her to be sweating profusely and very nervous. Officers further checked the area and observed a red hacksaw underneath the car that the woman was getting into. It should be noted that the car was parked next to the wire and the pole that the woman was initially standing next to. During further investigation, officers observed another hacksaw in the front seat of the car, a wire tester, and a metal wire cutter.

Some witnesses told police they'd been offered half the wire in exchange for clamming up.

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