I'll miss Manny


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Miss him

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I miss Manny....and if he's lucky, I'm about to miss Theo...with this rock! *huck*

manny being manny or manny playing baseball?

I think maybe the more important question for fans of the Red Sox is whether we'll miss Manny's play rather than Manny the whole package, because when it's all said and done, anybody who can contribute to a world championship is essential, even if they're extra work for the manager and owners.

We just traded one of the most talented hitters in modern times and we won't know what we got for him for a while.

Ramirez Ortiz at three four was the engine that drove the team offensively.

That said, I have faith in management. They really are very talented.

great hitter

quite a character too
but pushing that secretary was a turn off for most.
and having the yearly august manny drama was getting old too.

That's a big bat to give up

Especially in the latter part of the season and the way the offense has been sputtering. I'm no Manny fan-boy, but I sure didn't want to see him go. Ortiz/Ramirez was a great combo. If there have been any clubhouse issues, hopefully this will help quell them.

Are you from

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Are you from red sox nation? Knowing red sox fans the die-hards won't be done for at least a week.

and then there was one

I might not be totally right about this but with Manny gone, Jason Varitek is now the only pre-2003 (or pre-red sox nation bandwagon spike) player left on the roster. Also leaves Tek as the last piece of the Dan Duquette Era.

and there it is

how could i forget wake, that old salty dog. Jesus, he can recall the days when Clemens was a Red Sox and Pedro was still throwing flames up in Quebec

Manny Being A Health Problem

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One of the main reasons this happened - as Peter Gammons pointed out - is because the Red Sox were seriously concerned about Terry Francona. The stress of handling the constant Manny drama was causing him some serious health issues. He is down 10 to 15 pounds over the past month. Given the choice between a tremendously nice guy - a good manager who has brought two titles to Boston and who is almost universally respected and well-liked - and a serious flake who often has his head up his ass in the middle of games, I think the Red Sox absolutely did the right thing, at least in human terms.

You can certainly argue stats, but morally the Sox won, big.