North End mess

This afternoon around 4:30 pm, the power went out at my office on Union Wharf. A quick survey of the neighborhood found Hanover Street jammed with fire trucks, and smoke pouring out of the street near Sovereign Bank. When I returned to Union Wharf, smoke was also pouring out of a manhole in our parking lot.

Apparently this was the third underground North End fire in less than 24 hours. According to the lunchtime crowd at Contrada's, there was a fire last night around 10 pm, and another one this morning.

The Madonna della Cava festival is supposed to start tomorrow night around Hanover and Battery Street. I hope NStar can fix the problem by then.


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At least 16 NStar trucks of various kinds are parked all over Hanover Street. Fortunately none of them are on the blocks where Madonna della Cava is supposed to start in a few hours.

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