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Redcoats retake the Common

His majesty's regiments of foot reasserted their control over the Boston Common today with an encampment and a successful battle against rebel colonists. The encampment continues on Sunday.

A large number of spectators watched the battle for control of the hill at the center of the Common. After numerous volleys were exchanged, they grew restless: "Nobody's dying!" several people yelled. Finally, a British soldier fell with mortal wounds. A roar of approval went up from the crowd:

Followed fairly quickly by loud "aws!" as the first patriots fell:

The fog of war:

The battle ended when a British officer raised his hat on a sword and called for a parley - after which, the two sides separated with loud "huzzahs!"

Benedict Arnold, is that you? I swear I've seen the guy below in an American uniform at Lexington or Concord (look at this photo of an American commander at the Battle of Old North Bridge a couple years back):

An encampment consists of more than just fighting men, of course. Somebody has to make and repair the shoes (there were also "camp followers," i.e., women, one of whom advised an inquiring native who asked why he shouldn't sign up with the rebels: "They have no women! No women!"):

With battle comes injuries, to be treated by the camp surgeon. Here, he displays a drill used to put holes in the skulls of soldiers with head injuries - the drill, invented by the ancient Egyptians, was very successful in relieving pressure on the brain, he said.



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