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Framingham man charged in South End gay-bashing attack

Boston Police report arresting Fabio Brandao, 28, of Framingham, in connection with this past Sunday's attack on four people walking down Columbus Avenue.

Brandao is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, but police say he could face additional charges and they are continuing to look for additional suspects. Police allege the four people were attacked around 2:45 a.m. by three Hispanic men who fled in a white Honda:

[Two of the victims] stated that while they were walking home the above M/V stopped along side of them as the passengers began to yell obscenities to include homophobic slurs. The suspects then exited the vehicle and began assaulting the victims yelling discriminatory statements as they assaulted them. Victim #1 was unable to remember who hit him. Officers observed injury to Victim #2 who suffered a gash above his right eye. Victim #3 stated to Officers that she was punched in the head and thrown to the ground. Victim #3 complained of a headache and dizziness but declined medical attention on scene. Victim #4 suffered no injury and declined medical attention on scene.

South End News account of the beating.



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Brandao booking photoIn addition to various A&B charges, Brandao today was charged with four counts of violating the civil rights of the people he allegedly helped beat, according to the Suffolk County DA's office.

Brandao pleaded innocent at his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court today and was released on $10,000 cash bail. He faces up to ten years in prison on each of the four civil-rights charges, in addition to the A&B charges, according to the DA's office.

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