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New job for first blogging city-council candidate

Matt O'Malley, who twice ran for Boston City Council, reports he's leaving the sheriff's department to become political director for MassEquality.



I've met Matt a few times, stand up guy. Good luck to him at his new job!

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Our City Council budget includes Council stenographic services provided by the grandfathered in E. Fritch Associates that use outdated stenographic software. Competitive stenographic or scopist services http://www.scopists.com/Scopistry/ use technology that would improve Council communications. Closed captioning would be available for Council cablecasts and webcasts at http://cityofboston.gov/citycouncil Public library computer users and home computer users could comment on Councilors' remarks and debate quoting the actual remarks from the stenographic machine output.

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A councilor should fight City Council secrecy. About a hundred people are included in the Council budget. The central staff and staff director A. Braga routinely violate FOI freedom of information public records principles of open government. Criminal activities of councilors and staff shouldn't be protected by unethical secrecy. Try getting the Report that includes "4. Remedial response to adverse judicial decisions interpreting the state's Open Meeting Law" by Paul Walkowski and our city council and our city clerks office deflect or delay enquiries.

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Matt's the real deal. He's got a solid track record of supporting the LGBT community, especially when it wasn't popular. And he comes from an extremely good looking family.

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