One up

That's what some Sox fans were this morning and what the Sox are today.

Dan Miller: This is why they invented coffee. Vickie shows us the dark smudges under her eyes.

Red: Substitute Ass Kicker Kicks Ass.

Peter on Lester: WOW!

Watching Jon Lester wriggle out of early inning mini-jams and then getting stronger and stronger as the game rolled by made me say just that after his brilliant outing was finished. ...

Rob notes last night was a good one for Sox players whose first names begin with J.

Singapore Sox Fan: Ah, that Jason Bay homer was so good.

My favorite play was Ellsbury's catch: First he races all the way in to slide for the ball, then he just pops it up with his gloved hand and catches it with the other, like, "Hey, that was pretty damn cool, wasn't it?!?"

Adam Hart liveblogged the game.


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Wow nobody around here stay up to watch the game?


Great baseball, again! We are really lucky. Random thoughts:

1. Lester battled, and never lost control or confidence. What an asset he is.
2. Ellsbury was everywhere- stealing, hitting (Matthews misplayed that line-drive to center cause it was a laser beam- he underestimated the velocity), diving. Just like last postseason.
3. Jason Bay absolutely yanked that ball out- Lackey missed, sure, but Bay made him pay! (Classic on-camera F-bomb as Scoscia came out to get him, by the way.)
4. If Pedroia's not hitting, we gotta get something out of Lowell/Drew- not that I blame them, but we can't leave so many runners on base.
5. I feel good about Matsuzaka tomorrow - he will be cool & unless the Angels completely change their batting tendencies (free-swinging), they'll have to hope to get him out early.

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fantastic baseball

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Lester was the man, defense plugged the holes, and the bats woke up in the end to seal a victory. The showed up and they played hard. It was fantastic baseball.

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