Patrick to propose elimination of turnpike authority

The Globe reports the administration will introduce legislation in January - along with more specifics (such as: What happens to the toll plazas?). Also, the governor will propose several hundred million in budget cuts for state agencies.

Jay Fitzgerald says it's about time to eliminate William Callahan's baby, but adds:

It's a disgrace it took this long.


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About time!

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Is it about time that something productive actually gets done for once? I am tired of reading and reading but never see any results.

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Gee, that's odd...

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Just like auto insurance reform and getting rid of police details, this is just another idea that will be hailed as brilliant, outside-the-box thinking, solely because the words are now coming out of Governor Hopenchange Jr.'s mouth.

When Mitt Romney suggested each and every one of those ideas, he was stonewalled by the Democrats who run that state, so that he couldn't get credit for doing anything positive that might have given his presidential aspirations a boost.

But, when Deval Patrick says the essentially the same thing, he's a f***ing genius.

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