Man with perhaps too much time on his hands to picket Roslindale Day parade

Wayne Wilson doesn't think the parade (this Sunday) is green enough, so he's going to stand at the corner of South and Birch streets and, um, I'm not sure, not watch the parade?


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Still not really undertanding

Is this intended as advocacy for the Millennium Park wind turbine? Or is there some other green project that has been proposed for Roslindale that Menino or other politicians are blocking?

Also, the second link still doesn't mention anyone named Wilson.

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He explains himself in the Blue Mass Group discussion

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He seems to have a bunch of issues:

He wants the city to sponsor solar-energy somethingorothers in Roslindale.

He's upset that the city spent $6 million on a golf course that isn't in Roslindale (although it's like two blocks outside Roslindale).

He wants to send a message to the elected officials that Roslindale wants more green solutions, and never mind the parade marshal was chosen because she runs a campaign to pick up trash in Roslindale.

And that second link now goes where it should. Really, honestly, no kidding, this time I mean it, for pete's sake.

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This doesnt make much sense

This doesnt make much sense at all, even the Bluemassgroup information doesnt seem to make much sense. The event itself is attempting to green itself, he should use that message for a positive effect rather then a negative. Attend the event, and before/afterwards send a letter to all political parties involved and his local politicians expressing his gratitude to the organizers for trying to be environmentally friendly. In the letter mention other ways that the city can make Roslindale environmentally friendly including..... Rather then calling it a "protest" he should be out there collecting signatures for renewable energy projects. I think he would get much better reception to a positive projected image rather then a negative one at this particular event.

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Isn't the Roslindale Day

Isn't the Roslindale Day Parade a celebration of Roslindale and the community organizations within it? I know that some of the schools enter the parade and the other community groups. It is supposed to be a FUN day not a protest. Does everything these days have to be pro/con? Let everyone have some fun for a change...

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Roslindale Day Parade


Since everyone seems to have an opinion, allow me to elaborate on mine. A picket is not a protest, it is to show support for an idea. Since I am in charge of the effort, I will make sure it is tasteful and concise in its' affect, when the politicians have passed by I will instruct my volunteers to put down the signs and we will enjoy the parade. I know I will with my wife and twin baby sons.

In that Roslindale has no significant renewable energy generation, and it appears that most of the pols that will be marching in the parade are all talk regarding "green development", I think it would be a good idea to show them that their constituents are demanding action. We have no neighborhood development council or elected officials who live here unlike West Roxbury so nothing ever happens here.

Lastly, I have been a resident of Roslindale most of my life, I participated in multiple neighborhood clean ups over the years, and I still have the 2001 and 2002 tee shirts to prove it. I have known the President & Vice President of the Roslindale Day Parade Committee since 1983, and I have helped to coordinate divisions in the parade on several occassions.

Wayne Wilson

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