Do you like that malls/stores/etc. bring out their Christmas items, music, and decorations before the Friday after Thanksgiving?


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Just curious

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I tend to agree with Suldog, but he mentioned a poll and didn't want to do it to seem too egregious. I still wanted to see how the population sample actually feels on the issue.

Too Early for Christmas each year

This has bugged me for was MAGIC when you didn't see a thing about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.....yeah, those were the I am so sick of Christmas already!!!

The Somerville Stop&Shop had

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The Somerville Stop&Shop had already started putting out Christmas stuff last weekend - one aisle over from the Haloween stuff.


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That's ludicrous! October's just barely gotten underway, and they start putting the Christmas stuff up!!

Why it bugs me

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Thanksgiving is AWESOME! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, bar none, and the week I most look forward to all year. When the Christmas stuff comes out early, it cheapens and diminishes Thanksgiving. Which sucks. Because Thanksgiving is awesome.

The Christmas season is so

The Christmas season is so commercialized...My friends and family are making it a point to emphasize what the holiday means, traditions and keeping our children grounded. All the department store glitz surrounding the Christmas season detracts from Christmas and Hanukah (SP). I agree Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday. Yes it does suck to see Christmas stuff so early & I do get sick of it....

Even though Christmas isn't my holiday,

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I admittedly enjoy seeing Christmas lights and even listening to various Christmas carols played and/or sung by professional or church choirs, or played on a church organ.
I also enjoy going to an occasional Christmas concert or party. Btw, the Messiah and the Nutcracker Suite are two of my favorite classical music pieces.

To get to the the subject at hand, however: I also agree that the Christmas stuff gets put up way too early these days, and I really don't care for the schmaltzy renditions of the various Christmas carols that blare out from the malls and the department stores.


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At a little more than 200 votes, it's 94% No, 3% Yes, 3% Xmas Tree Shops.

Suldog suspected 85% No answers, so not only was he right, but he actually underestimated the disgust with pre-Thanksgiving Xmas out there.

It makes you wonder if all 7 CEOs of the major store chains and malls came here for those 7 Yes votes or what...I mean, it doesn't seem likely that the *employees* want these things up early. Hehe.