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Less local blabbing at WRKO

Reese Hopkins jettisoned for syndicated talker Laura Ingraham, Boston Daily reports. The Herald reports on additional cuts behind the scenes, including two of Tom Finneran's producers, the head of promotions, the head of national sales and a producer for Greg Hill at WAAF.

Save WRKO reports that station owner Entercom is in the middle of some serious cutbacks that include a wage freeze and the end of company contributions to employee 401(k) plans.

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What a joke of a company Entercom is. No 401K matches? Really? But Finneran had TWO producers?

Reese drinks at my bar sometimes...he's a good guy and doesn't deserve this. Our food runner at the same bar works there as well...he's a good kid.

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Can't be a good idea to damage the Hillman Morning Show - I imagine that show makes enough money to float an entire station. It's the only boston radio show that I am aware of people tuning into (via internet, etc) in other states.

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