Hurricane coverage

A lot of us have something to say about Katrina, but three local bloggers stand out:

Dave, who normally writes about homeland security, has been ripping Bush and his feds a new one, in great detail, for belated, unorganized relief efforts:

...So why couldn't FEMA prepare for both disasters -- natural and terrorist? Silly me -- I forgot that funding was needed in Iraq -- and Bush was programmed today (the Stepford President??) to say that we still need to waste our money over there.

So you and I end up paying for both, and all we reap is death in both cases.

John has provided a useful news filter, as well as running commentary:

Federal officials have been stunningly unresponsive, but at the state and especially the city level, the lack of basic organization is beyond incompetence. ...

Andy has set up Katrina Aftermath - A Public Gallery of Thoughts, Images and Sounds in Response to Hurricane Katrina.


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