Katrina victims on the Cape

Aerial view of Camp Edwards barracks

Where they'll be staying: Some of the barracks at Camp Edwards (image via MassGIS OLIVER).

Jay approves of the plan to bring Katrina victims to Camp Edwards instead of the South Boston convention center:

... Moving people from the Superdome to the Astrodome to the Convention Center would have merely compounded the initial mistake of putting people in one mass room. ... This is Mitt's moment -- and he seems almost itching to replicate his 2000 Winter Olympics success. I'm pretty confident he'll handle it well -- as will the people of Massachusetts.

Also see Jay's five-point synopsis of the Katrina Blame Game.

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Relocating evacuees

By Steve-AI on

Does it make sense to re-locate Katrina survivors all over the United States? How long can people live in mega-shelters with no privacy and nothing to do all day. It seems like another disaster waiting to happen.

I think it's preferable to support them in Louisiana -- close to family, familiar surroundings, etc -- rather than fly them to New England to lie on an army cot all day.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of critical thinking going on here...

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Louisiana is not that big a

Louisiana is not that big a state, and its next largest city, Baton Rouge, is already filled to the breaking point. The three biggest cities in Texas are under serious strain, too. Dispersing the refugees further afield is not ideal, but probably necessary.

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