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Is there a new Siberian land bridge we don't know about?

The Worcester Telegram reports State Police had to euthanize a 200-pound wild Russian boar hit by a car on Rte. 2 in Lancaster:

... Mr. Hall said he was surprised because wild boars are not supposed to be found in Massachusetts. ...

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A Russian boar on the expressway. He must have been in hurry.

It was a banner year for truffels ... perhaps he slipped his pen and ate one too many of the wrong kind of mushrooms? Pigs can be pretty crafty when it comes to picking stall locks.

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No land bridge needed, just a way to get here from NH or PA. Or it could be someone brought it here from another state, maybe as an adopted pet or maybe to hunt it. Hopefully there's just that one.

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Apparently Sarah Palin wasn't on the lookout when this Russian boar reared his head (just like Putin!) before entering U.S. airspace.

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