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Herd mentality on the T

Another day, another person trapped under a Red Line train during rush hour. Naturally, that shut down the Red Line and everybody had to leave Park Street station. Martin reports on the ensuing chaos, caused mainly by stupid, cow-like commuters:

... Suffice it to say, it's truly amazing the herd mentality in these situations. People take the escalator to the top and then just stop and congregate right outside the door, causing a backup when more people (like myself) get to the top of the escalator, and then, like some kind of clown act, we all bump into each other. Then all the people get on their cell phones to alert their friends and coworkers that the train isn't working, and blah blah blah blah blah, and totally miss the fact that the cops are letting us cross the street. And when you — or rather, I — say something like "C'mon people. Move," you're looked at like you're a jerk. And I suppose it's all the more frustrating when you've left your apartment earlier than normal because you needed to get to work at a more decent hour. ...

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