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Oh, well

At least we won't have to listen to Chris Berman again. Next year? Let's pinch hit for Edgah if he's up in the ninth with two out, m'kay?

Bruce: [S]trangely enough, while I'm frustrated at how the season came to an end, I'm ok with it at the same time, given the overall performance of pitching staff and the parts of the lineup not named Johnny, David and Manny. He speculates on what next year's team will look like, and wonders:

... I don't get the anger that I've heard and read in recent weeks and that we will see for the foreseeable future in some quarters. I enjoyed this team, and they brought me far more pleasure than frustration. I've been trying to figure out where all the anger comes from. Talk show callers and hosts, internet sites, newspaper columns, they're full of it. Why? ...

Chrissie: Stupid Red Sox.

Palma: I tried everything, praying, wearing all my red sox stuff aand yelling at the t.v. but they keep doing bad!!!!

iluvctek thanks each Red Sox player individually:

I'm typing this right now with tears rolling down my cheeks and Bronson Arroyo singing Dirty Water with Johnny Damon and Mike Timlin. ...

Johnny: Getting rid of Pedro and Cabrera turned out to be pretty good ideas.

Lou: Two words. This sucks.

Fhold compares the the White Sox to that Florida snake that exploded after eating the alligator.

Mike: Today is not a good day ...

Lynn reports:

Ther'’s nothing more pathetic than leaving the city of Boston on the T with the remnents of disappointed Sox fans on the night of their third loss in the first playoff series. Nothing but a sea of red and white tee shirts, bent backs, and quiet faces. ...

Molius is actually actually glad the Sox didn't win:

... i love the red sox. but we didn't deserve to go back to the world series this year. last year, absolutely. there was a fire in the eyes of the entire roster. this year, were we a good team? absolutely. did we have that fire in our eyes? no. ...

Eighth Girl Wonder tries to look on the bright side:

... It wasn't the Yankees that swept us! And that big shiny ring that says 'World Champions'? The Red Sox have them.

Greg: It'll all be okay. Just as long as somebody beats the Yankees.

Joe: I suppose we can take some consolation in losing to a bunch of spunky ne'er-do-wells rather than a truly nefarious opponent like the Evil Empire.

Kate: At least I won't have to check myself into rehab after the ALCS this year:

Or stay up late for west coast games, or listen to Tim McCarver. That's something. (Right?)

Soxfan: Here's to the start of a productive offseason for Theo and company.

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