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The bird lady of Davis Square

Mike Mennonno reports he was in his local Au Bon Pain the other day when:

A woman on the other side of middle age in a prairie dress who looked as if she'd just escaped from a polygamist sect burst in clutching something to her breast.

It turned out to be a pigeon. The woman was a bird-whisperer, apparently. I'm not sure what brought her into the restaurant, but soon the manager showed up to ask her to please take the bird back outside. The woman clutching the pigeon looked pained, and implored the manager to lower her voice. So as not to offend the bird, I guess. The manager explained it was nothing personal against the bird, it's just a violation of the health code.

The Bird Whisperer huffed out all offended. ...



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She's actually kind of nice, but definitely a little unusual. She used to leave breadcrumbs near my house; I asked her to stop because the birds kept crapping everywhere and she was fine with that.

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