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Dating Lawn Litter

So, you know those insert town name heresingles.org signs you see littering our lawns, parks, roadsides, etc?

We have The Right One to thank, hiding behind foreign "marketing" companies, but located in our very own Norwood. The product: a couple of blind "matches" for several thousand dollars.

TRO has a stream of unhappy customers, and a fluff blog interview with Paul Falzone about how (surprise) the original company folded because of complaints...which has pages of complaints as well. More at your Google fingertips.

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I must confess that anyone who uses these websites and pays thousands for blind dates is stupid or rich.



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I've found http://crazyblinddate.com to be better.

Speaking from experience :-(

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Yeah, but I feel kind of bad for the people who got sucked in during a vulnerable time in their life (like the guy who got an unsolicited call after his wife died).

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