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Logan radar snafu has some benefits

J writes:

She is gone now, technology brought us together and technology gave us 12 extra hours together. Radar was down at Logan last night so she got to stay till this morning. We got one more meal together, one more game of scrabble one more kiss goodnight. And still it is not enough. ...

Eric found himself faced with some extra time - like the whole night. Fortunately, he has friends in Chicago:

... regretting the already painful fact that i was travelling with the heaviest carry-on bag in the history of modern flight, i trudged my way across the 27.3 miles that separate the united terminal from the american terminal to wait for the unsuspecting mrs. gentry at gate H13. ...

JT was on a Boston-bound plane:

They told us it was the fog. The pilot was cool about it though, you could tell the delays were driving him crazy too.

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