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That's not kosher

Shaw's rejects kosher butcher shop for renovated Chestnut Hill Star Market.

Via Marc Stober, who adds:

... I guess if Jews have waited thousands of years for a return to Zion and are still waiting for the Messiah, we can wait a bit longer for a place to buy kosher meat with adequate parking. :)



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I thought we all had to register to comment, whos this unregistered anon ?

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Behind the scenes, I've been busy smushing the Wicked Good Guide to Boston English and Boston Crime into Drupal (the software that runs UH).

Both had fairly thriving community discussions based on anonymous posting on the old platform, Movable Type; the issues that plagued us here didn't really exist on them (maybe it's just the nature of the kind of content). Drupal is excellent at many things, but allowing anon comments on some content types and not others is not among them, and as I moved them (still moving, actually, in the case of Boston Crime), discussion dropped to near zero.

There's a new module that supposedly lets you do set different access controls for different types of content, and I enabled it, but it seems not to be working, i.e., anonymous folks can once again comment on core UH content. I turned it on last night mainly for the Dorchester shooting posts, because in the past, Boston Crime has been an outlet for family and friends of murder victims to remember people. Now to go see if I can figure out why the module's not working. In the meantime, anon comments are at least going into an approval queue so they don't just show up on the live site.

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