Idaho 1, MBTA 0

The Federal Transit Administration today rejected the MBTA's efforts to consider a European company to build commuter-rail locomotives, ruling the company's plan to build two prototype diesels for the T in Spain violated a federal "Buy American" law.

The ruling means a contract for at least 28 locomotives will likely go to the only other bidder, MotivePower of Boise, Idaho, whose Congressional delegation made a full-court - and successful - press against Vossloh Espana's request for a waiver of the law, the Idaho Business Review reports.

The T and Vossloh had sought a waiver because the rest of the 28 locomotives under the potential $186-million deal would be built in Kentucky. The deal could be worth even more - the MBTA was asking for an option to buy another 28 locomotives. T officials will meet Monday to decide what to do, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo told the Idaho Statesman.


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Or will these be purchased on a shoestring?

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American workers actually working 1, somebody's bloated unnecessary kiss in the mail 0.

Seriously, when is this pension garbage going to stop? If you don't want to be on the state anymore, go work at Costco and hand out samples.

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Not Good

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The trains would be made in the US by Americans. For (IIRC) less cost then the trains made in Idaho. So, the MBTA, in its already dreadful financial situation, is going to have to pay more for the same products.


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