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Most Valuable Pedroia!

Dustin Pedroia was named the 2008 AL MVP by the MLB Sportswriters today. This is only the third time that a player has won the Rookie of Year award and then the league MVP award in back-to-back seasons. The other two players to do so were Cal Ripken, Jr. and Ryan Howard. In his two years in the league, Pedroia has now won Rookie of the Year, a World Series ring, a Golden Glove, a Silver Slugger, and MVP. Teammate Kevin Youkilis came in third in the voting behind Minnesota's Justin Morneau.

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Especially with Youk drawing so many votes.


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One small step toward greatness for Youk,

one giant leap into history for Dustin...

If you ever wanted a job working for 'the man' Sox are hiring...

Steps from the beach - http://fibrowitch.blogspot.com/

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