Why newscasters care so much about their hair

Because you do. Well, some of you, at any rate.

Over at Channel 4, David Wade reports on a "news tip" Channel 4 got from a regular viewer this morning:

... FYI to David W. Don't mean to be mean, but your hair needs a little help this AM. It's not very flattering when you look straight on at the camera :( ...

Oh, as long as we're on the vanity issue, mad props to Ed Harding for being cool enough to let Chronicle last night show the box he uses to stand on for those standing shots in front of the anchordesk.


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Give him the boot

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How about we put Ed Harding IN a box and ship him back to a morning show where he belongs. He's nonsensical bantering during the news is enough to make you want to jam pencils in your ears. ugh

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