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The wolf of Weld Street?

Wolf Blitzer, is that you?ParkwayBoston posts this photo of some slavering, fanged beast crossing Weld Street by the Arboretum last weekend and wonders if it's a coyote (no stranger to these parts) or a chicken-ripping wolf:

I am not sure what it is but it is definitely not a dog.

I dunno, looks like a rare albino bear cub to me.

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See here, although most accounts say it is more lizard-like, with spines growing out of its back - just like Pondy, the mystical beast that lives in Jamaica Pond.

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Hey, you can learn all about that at the Museum of Science too! I expected the Mythical Creatures to be totally silly, but parts of it were actually pretty good. But enough with the pre-exhibit photos already.

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