Not so bright in Jamaica Plain

If you drove or walked along the Arborway last December, you couldn't help but notice the mansion of Dominic Luberto, festooned with half a million Christmas lights.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue noticed, too. They noticed that Luberto is the same guy who walked away from his wife and three kids in 1985, leaving them in poverty. The DOR is now hitting him up for $123,833.37 in back child support.

Conveniently, that Arborway mansion is owned by his current wife, not by him.



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And he owns more than just the Castle

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Well, technically, his current wife does.

Go to the city assessing department and type in "Luberto" and see what pops up.

In addition to the Castle, assessed at $1.73 million, Isaura Luberto is listed as the owner on eight properties across Boston worth a collective $3.6 million.

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I thought children were a "touchstone" for him...

Some guy named Adam reported last year:

Children and one million are both touchstones for Luberto.

All the Christmas stuff, he says, is for the joy it brings children, both his own (and their kids) and others who drive or walk by.

And now we hear he is a deadbeat dad? Say it ain't so!

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Not surprised

When I talked to him 2 years ago, he was kinda rude...I can't remember what I asked him, put his response was "I just but this stuff up for my wife, she is the one who knows everything about it"

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Touch and run

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It's like tag.

“He said on the news that he did it for the children because he loves kids so much,” said Luberto’s oldest daughter, Michelle Cassinell, now 31, who said she felt abandoned as a child when her father left the family in poverty.

Looks like you're it, Luberto.

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