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Body found in Turtle Pond in West Roxbury

Here's why you should stay off the dock in Stony Brook Reservation's Turtle Pond after a winter storm: You can slip off and drown. State Police homicide investigators report pulling a man's body out of the pond about ten feet from the dock this afternoon. Homicide is not suspected in the death of the older adult male, although an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.



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I'd just like to say that I have stood on that dock hundreds of times, literally - winter, spring, summer and fall and in all kinds of weather. One does not just "slip off and drown" unless there are unusual circumstances, like a health condition or some other factor that is out of the ordinary. So I think its REALLY not fair to say that anyone standing there could just "slip off and drown". Its a bit of an exageration and inflamatory response.

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But officials are withholding his name until they locate next of kin, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, which did say he was 81, had no fixed address, but had lived in the Roslindale area for some time. He was identified by a former spouse; officials are trying to find any blood relatives.

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I lived in Roslindale as a child, and now i have gotten older i am starting to think about all the stories i have heard about Turtle's Pond. The Famous pond that has happen to take so many lives not only the story is actually about.....

I have lost family and friends at this one location and i think, now that i am older something needs to be done so that way it doesnt happen anymore to anyone else.

Is the pond really killing these people, really! I dont think so. I believe therer has to be more to the store

(Fmailt Friend ) Mr. President - I dont know the details but i remember i had to be at least 15-16 years old. They said they found him up there and he has believed to be fishing, and they found him dead up at the pond. I do not believe it.

(2 Family Friends) - This story once again hear when i was a little younger, keyon and lydel was at the pond one feel in and out catch by something in the pond and the other jumped into save him and they both drown, i kinda believe that story some what!

And now this story of the 81 one year old man...They want us to feel safe then put up LIGHTING / CAMERAS something, that way there will be no accidents and if there are we can finally say what really happens....HUmmm....police say there is no foul play, are you serious a man falls off a dock and drowns, i would think even if u do fall off the dock u would not be that far away from the dock and would be able to grab on!!

When i was young i couldnt say anything but now i am of age and want something to dome done so my friemds and family can be put to rest. How about they just sand down that lake and turn it into land, is it really needed there anyways its dirty and nasty at sight, start your list i am starting mine to get this pond emptyed out and covered over in land!!

A list of names oof people that have drown at the pond

Keyon and Lydel (I believe they where brothers, unsure of last name)

Mr. President ( unsure of First Name, but he was my friends GrandFather and he left behind a family that truly loved him, leaving 6 nieces and nephews....)

Marcus ( The story that i heard when i was young that my former boss, lost her son at the pond, because he drown as well, unsure of last name

Unknown - 81 year old man....current store Dec08


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