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The art of buying pastry on Christmas Eve in the North End

Ross Levanto makes his annual Christmas-Eve trek to Mike's Pastry and shares a hard-won tip:

... You need to feel the crowd and the lines, and look for a "soft spot" where the attendant-to-customer ratio is the highest. ...



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Eh....Mike's is for tourists. Plenty of other places with shorter lines, and as good (or better) stuff. Happy/Merry.

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You know, having lived here most of my life, I've found that some of the stuff Mike has is pretty great - like the rum ba bas and perugina, and chocolate chip dipped canoli. The problem with Mike's is people go in there and act like tourists. Just elbow your way in, order, and get out. If I wanted to stand in line and 'ho hum what is that there' nonsense, I'd go to Shaws.

In case you didn't notice, many 'ethnic' areas all cater to tourists, because most locals aren't going to go buy a dozen lobster tails.

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