Phew: Sam Yoon won't be called home

David Bernstein reports that Yoon surpassed his must-raise-100k-by-New-Year's goal and so will now run for mayor. Maybe. Pete Stidman at the Dorchester Reporter wonders if Yoon didn't already have the cash in hand when he sent out his pre-Christmas plea - he notes Yoon's wife knows a bit about fundraising techniques.



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wait and see

I was very enthusiastic about Sam Yoon when he won his seat on the Council. But after seeing him stick with Wilkerson even after it was clear that she was quite ethically challenged, and even after Chang-Diaz beat her in the primary, made me wonder how much "change" he brings to the table. I haven't given up on him, but right now he's not as strong an alternative to the status quo as I hoped he would be.

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What exactly has Yoon done?

I am not aware of anything that Yoon has really done while a City Councilor, except set up a Facebook fan page. I mean he's a nice guy, but where's the beef?

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