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Did we really need to hear that?

Lucky viewers of Channel 5 last night got to listen (several times) to Heidi Bruschi's 911 call after husband Tedy suffered his stroke. The station oh-so-helpfully provided a running transcript just in case you couldn't make out all the words.

Scott is disgusted:

WCVB completely crossed the line tonight in airing Heidi Bruschi's call to 911 (other stations may have aired it as well, but I caught the audio on WCVB). No one - not even Bruschi's biggest fans - should want or should have that kind of access, and WCVB should be ashamed of itself

WBZ radio was airing part of the call this morning.

Meanwhile, in response to Jody's request, I've set up a Tedy Bruschi posts page, which uses our aggregator to link to the latest Bruschi posts from local bloggers. NOTE: Doesn't link to LiveJournal (or most Blogspot) users, who seem to be posting up a storm on Bruschi, so for the whole picture, you'll also want to check this Bruschi links page on Technorati.



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Although I didn't watch the news last night on TV, I agree that airing Heidi Bruschi's call to 911 was not in the best interest of Bruschi, his wife, his fans, the general public, or the media itself.
More diplomacy should have been used.

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