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Two fine-looking T stops in Dorchester

Candelaria congratulates the MBTA for the new look of the Fields Corner and Shawmut stops on the Red Line:

... The new Fields Corner and Shawmut Stations on the Red Line in Dorchester are great examples of how good design can transform. They new stations are so beautiful, in fact, that they almost ... almost obliterate the memory of just how dreary and depressing these stations were. ...


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They might look good, but why didn't she include some pics of the stations?

A quick flickr search didn't turn up much:

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We'll see how long they stay this way before vandals and thugs spray paint gang tags all over walls, smash signs, carve names into tile, along with the usual collateral damage of violence as well.

I hope they invested in a good suverllence system and plenty of Transit police.

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