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Orange Line rider learns the grass isn't always greener on the Red Line

One guess what the new T-Rage blog is about. It's by a former Orange Line rider now living in Dorchester who is starting to hate the Red Line, too:

... Send me your rage, my babies. In painstaking detail. I will post it all. We will compile a massive list of meticulously recounted individual grievances, about anything having to do with the MBTA, from that obnoxious puddle of stagnant piss-water at the top of the escalator in Arlington Station to rats the size of alligators--or was that an actual alligator?--at Downtown Crossing. Tell me your tales of woe. About the crazy dude who got on at Chinatown and terrorized everyone acting out an entire episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" right there in front of you. ...

Today's Orange Line outrage.

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