One-upping Clara Peller

Although she's best known for those "Where's the Beef?" commercials, Clara Peller did one ad for the Massachusetts Lottery Commission (she plays a cleaning lady who wins the "Meggybucks", buys the company and hands out buckets and mops to all the board members).

Alecia, who has already done spots for the Maine and Vermont lotteries, reports on auditioning for Massachusetts:

What I don't feel confident in is my car miming. I don't feel confident in my miming, period. I'm not Marcel Marceau. I'm an actress. I need a tangible item or object with which to interact. I did a couple of takes with some direction before each one and mimed and reacted the best I could. The woman behind the camera said, "Oh, I liked that one." I hope she meant it. I am really not sure how things went. It can be so hard to tell with these types of auditions!

Maybe this guy could give her some tips.